Bankruptcy News

Avoiding Credit Repair Scams
Choosing assistance from a credit repair company will only worsen your financial situation by wasting your time and putting you further behind on your debts. Neither you nor a credit repair company has the right to remove accurate, current information from a credit report.

Dealing with Debt
Shoveling out from under debt can be daunting. But taking a few smart steps can avoid legal headaches and hassles.

Dischargeable Debts
Discharge in bankruptcy refers to the bankruptcy court’s order that relieves you of your responsibility for your debts. The discharge means that your creditors can’t take any further action to collect those debts from you. Learn about which debts can be discharged in bankruptcy.

Timing Considerations Prior to Filing Bankruptcy
One of the most important decisions in considering bankruptcy is when the petition for bankruptcy should be filed. Creditors ready to file collection actions is a reason to file quickly. Maximizing exempt property is a reason to delay the filing. And, there are many more factors to ponder.

Filing Bankruptcy Individually or Jointly
The decision to file for joint bankruptcy is one that should be mutually agreed upon by the spouses. While the general rule is for both spouses to file for joint bankruptcy, there are several valid reasons for a spouse to file for individual bankruptcy.